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Iraqi national specialized and peer reviewed scientific journal in cancer and medical genetics published by the Iraqi Center for Cancer and Medical Genetics Research / Mustansiriyah University.

The Journal of Cancer and Medical Genetics (IJCMG) is an international scholarly publication that focuses on original research in the fields of cancer and medical genetics. It encompasses peer-reviewed articles, as well as comprehensive reviews and expert opinions on the most recent advancements in these areas. The articles cover the molecular mechanisms of human diseases, which include the study of germline cancer genetics, the clinical manifestations of genetic abnormalities, the utilization of molecular and genetics in medical practice, and the comprehensive assessment of these applications on a global scale. In addition, the Cancer section features original, high-impact articles and content solicitations based on the most recent findings in both clinical and basic research. Every issue of the publication aims to achieve comprehensiveness by addressing a wide range of oncology disciplines and offering valuable content for all individuals engaged in cancer research, risk mitigation, treatment, and patient care.


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Vol. 16 No. 1 (2023)
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