Detection of LT and ST Toxin genes for E.coli isolated from UTI


  • Mohammed I. Nader



This study design ,study the importance of recurrence Urinary Tract infection caused by enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) via detect LT and ST toxin genes in E.coli samples isolated from patients with UTI. A total of 60 urinary samples were collected from patients with UTI especially from children Infected in the Central Child Hospital and Al-Yarmouk Teaching Hospital in Baghdad for the period 27/12/2011 to 7/7/2012.isolation of E. coli was performed according to the standard laboratory methods ,Agglutination test was done in the Central Health Laboratory and API 20E system was done in the Children Teaching Hospital. DNA was extracted from samples by High-Speed Plasmid Mini Kit DNA and pure yield plasmid miniprep system were used as a template for PCR reaction. Two sets of primers were used to simultaneously detect the genes encoding LT and ST by multiplex PCR assay. Out of 60 samples ,15/60 negative (25%),45/60 positive (75% ), and infection in males was 6/45 (13.3%) While in females 25/45(56%). The percentage of LT gene 9/45 (20%), while none of samples were carrying ST gene. The results indicate that ETEC strains , with a relatively conserved genetic pool, are capable of causing urinary tract infection. Due to the importance of these strains in public health, it is suggested that the conventional methods used for their detection less accurate than molecular method Because of the great similarity with cholera toxin .






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