Genotoxicity of aluminum chloride (AlCl3) on the albino rat Rattus norvegicus


  • Omar Rahiem Khalaf AL-Obaidy


Sixty males of the Albino rat Rattus norvegicus were used in this present study, and divided to four groups . Each group was contained fifteen males. Three groups were injected intraperitoneal for 30 days with different of concentrations Aluminum Chloride AlCl3 and the fourth group was used as control. Animals were killed, and an autopsy was extracted micronuclei from its bone marrow in accordance with method of (Schmid,1975) [12] . And collected mitotic index through number of metaphase per 1000 lymphocyte was extracted from its bone marrow accordance with method of (Brusick,1980) [13]. The results showed significant increased , of micronucleus (MN) in treated rats with increasing concentrations of AlCl3 , in comparison with the control group at (p<0.05) .As well was in the mitotic index (MI) in lymphocyte of bone marrow in comparison with the control group at the level of significance (p<0.05).






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