The Cytogenetic Study of Soluble Beta Glucan of Sacy charomyces cerevisiae on Human Circulating Blood Lymphocytes


  • Ali J. Jabber



This study was designed to evaluate the cytogenetic effects of the soluble beta glucan (ß-glucan) local and commercial extracts of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae on human circulating blood lymphocytes at the concentration (5, 50, 500, 1000) µg/ml .The results showed that the effect of beta glucan local extract, commercial extract on mitotic index were significant increased , and the best effect on mitotic and blast indexes at the highest concentration of the Local extract and Commercial . The mitotic index of control group was represented (20.2) was lower than Local extract ( 22, 23.8 ,26.2) and (20, 21.6 , 28.8) for commercial extract at (50, 500 , 1000µg/ml) in concentration ,The value of both (Local and commercial extracts) at high concentration is lower than control group that treated with (PHA) which was represented (32.4). While the blast index of control group was (23.3) and the value of treated group exhibited low significant decrease in a concentration dependant manner (19.5, 16.6 and 15) for Local extract, (24, 19 and 17.4) for commercial extract at the concentrations (5,50,500,1000)µg/ml respectively. In commercial extract the blast index value (24, 24.1) was high at concentration (5 , 1000 )µg/ml than (50 , 500) µg/ml which were (19,17.4) respectively






Cancer Research