The Effect of Beta Glucan Extract of Saccharomyces Cerevieses on Cancer Cell Growth In vitro


  • Ali J. Jabber Department of Microbiology/ Medicine collage/ missan university
  • Nidhal R. Mahdi Department of Microbiology ,Collage of Veterinary medicine ,Baghdad university
  • Nahi Y. Shahin Iraqi Center for Cancer & Medical Genetic Research / University of AL-Mustansiriy



ß- glucan, MTT, AMN-3, Ref


This study was designed to evaluate the anticancer Effects of the beta glucan (ß- glucan ) extract of the Saccharomyces cerevieses on cancer cell lines . In vitro study was performed on two cancer cell lines (murine mammary adenocarcinoma AMN-3 cell line) and rat emberyogenic fibroblast (Ref) as normal cell line. Periods of exposure of cell lines were measured at 24-hours, 48-hr, and 72-hr in a microtitration plate under complete sterile conditions. Different concentrations starting from (5,50,500, 1000) µg/ml of two fold dilution for extract were prepared and tested on each cell lines, The extract showed concentration and time dependence growth inhibitory effects, and the highest effect was obtained from beta glucan extract at higher concentrations after 48 hr. of exposures on AMN3, that the higher concentrations gave a significantly (P<0.05) and the higher inhibition growth rate of cells were increased at 24 hours.






Cancer Research